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Cross-connections in drinking water distribution networks: Quantitative microbial risk assessment in combination with fault tree analysis and hydraulic modelling

Victor Vinas, Ekaterina Sokolova, Annika Malm et al
Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 831
Journal article

Overview of microbial risks in water distribution networks and their health consequences: quantification, modelling, trends, and future implications

Victor Vinas, Annika Malm, Thomas Pettersson
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. Vol. 46 (3), p. 149-159
Review article

Prioriterade nyckeltal för VA-verksamheten

Annika Malm, Gilbert Svensson, Mia Bondelind et al
Report - Svenskt Vatten

Gastrointestinal illness linked to incidents in drinking water distribution networks in Sweden

M. Save-Soderbergh, J. Bylund, Annika Malm et al
Water Research. Vol. 122, p. 503-511
Journal article

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Uncertainty Analysis of Water Loss Reduction Measures: Case Study of the Gothenburg Drinking Water Distribution System

Annika Malm, F. Moberg, Lars Rosen et al
Water Resources Management. Vol. 29 (15), p. 5451-5468
Journal article

The association of drinking water treatment and distribution network disturbances with Health Call Centre contacts for gastrointestinal illness symptoms

Annika Malm, Gösta Axelsson, Lars Barregård et al
Water Research. Vol. 47 (13), p. 4474-4484
Journal article

VASS Dricksvatten - uppgifter, nyckeltal och modell för säkert dricksvatten för vattenverk

Mia Bondelind, Thomas Pettersson, Annika Malm et al

Prediction of water and wastewater networks rehabilitation based current age and material distribution

Annika Malm, G. Svensson, H. Backman et al
Water Science and Technology: Water Supply. Vol. 13 (2), p. 227-237
Journal article

Hydraulic and hydrological simulations of the sewer system in the Majorna area, Gothenburg

Shervin Shahvi, Annika Malm, Thomas Pettersson
WIT Transactions on the Built Environment. Vol. 122, p. 73-83
Paper in proceeding

Replacement predictions for drinking water networks through historical data

Annika Malm, O. Ljunggren, Olof Bergstedt et al
Water Research. Vol. 46 (7), p. 2149-2158
Journal article

Benchmarkingmodell för dricksvattenförsörjning i Sverige

Mia Bondelind, Annika Malm, Olof Bergstedt et al
Proceedings för Åttonde Nordiska Dricksvattenkonferensen, Stockholm Sverige 2012, p. 36-39
Other conference contribution

Rörmaterial i svenska VA-ledningar – egenskaper och livslängd

Annika Malm, Elin Jansson, Anders Horstmark et al

Handbok i förnyelseplanering av VA-ledningar

Annika Malm, Anders Horstmark, Elin Jansson et al

Invändig inspektion av vattenledningar

Annika Malm

Förnyelseplanering av vatten- och avloppsförsörjningsnät i 18 svenska kommuner

Annika Malm, Thomas Pettersson, Olof Bergstedt
The 11th Nordic Wastewater Conference, 10-12 November 2009, Odense, Denmark
Other conference contribution

Modelling non-structural Best Management Practices - focus on reductions in stormwater pollution

Stefan Ahlman, Annika Malm, Henrik Kant et al
Water Science and Technology. Vol. 52 (5), p. 9-16
Journal article

Systemanalys Vasastaden Göteborg - Avloppsvattensystemet

Stefan Ahlman, Henrik Kant, Pascal Karlsson et al

Methodology for systems analysis of sustainable wastewater management - assessment for an urban catchment in Vasastaden, Göteborg.

Stefan Ahlman, Gilbert Svensson, Annika Malm et al
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Techniques and Strategies in Urban Water Management (NOVATECH'2004). June 6-10 2004, p. 457-464
Paper in proceeding

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