Arni Alfredsson

Doktorand at Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Kommunikationssystem, informationsteori och antenner, Communication Systems

Arni Alfredsson is a PhD student in the Communication Systems research group. His research focuses on digital signal processing for spatial-division multiplexed transmission in systems employing multicore, multimode, or multiple single-mode fibers.


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Characteristics of homogeneous multi-core fibers for SDM transmission

Benjamin J. Puttnam, R. S. Luis, G. Rademacher et al
APL Photonics. Vol. 4 (2)
Journal article

Modulation and detection for multicore superchannels with correlated phase noise

Erik Agrell, Arni Alfredsson, Benjamin J. Puttnam et al
Proc. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO). Vol. Part F94-CLEO_SI 2018
Paper in proceedings

Joint Phase Tracking for Multicore Transmission with Correlated Phase Noise

Arni Alfredsson, Erik Agrell, Henk Wymeersch et al
IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals Meeting Series, SUM 2018, p. 16-17
Paper in proceedings

Pilot Distributions for Phase Tracking in Space-Division Multiplexed Systems

Arni Alfredsson, Erik Agrell, Henk Wymeersch et al
Paper in proceedings

Phase-Noise Compensation for Spatial-Division Multiplexed Transmission

Arni Alfredsson, Erik Agrell, Henk Wymeersch et al
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, OFC 2017; Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles; United States; 19 March 2015 through 23 March 2017, p. Th4C.7-
Paper in proceedings

Joint-Polarization Phase-Noise Estimation and Symbol Detection for Optical Coherent Receivers

Arni Alfredsson, Rajet Krishnan, Erik Agrell
Journal of Lightwave Technology. Vol. 34 (18), p. 4394-4405
Journal article

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Technologies for spatial-division multiplexing: The next frontier in optical communications

Victor Torres Company Photonics
Magnus Karlsson Photonics
Peter Andrekson Photonics
Erik Agrell Communication Systems
Arni Alfredsson Communication Systems
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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