Giulio Calcagno

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Understanding the Operating Mechanism of Aqueous Pentyl Viologen/Bromide Redox-Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitors with Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Electrodes

Giulio Calcagno, Brian Evanko, G.D. Stucky et al
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Effect of the Niobium Doping Concentration on the Charge Storage Mechanism of Mesoporous Anatase Beads as an Anode for High-Rate Li-Ion Batteries

Carmen Cavallo, Giulio Calcagno, Rodrigo Pereira De Carvalho et al
ACS Applied Energy Materials. Vol. 4 (1), p. 215-225
Journal article

Electrochemical and structural characterization of lithiation in spray deposited ordered mesoporous titania as an anode for Li ion batteries

Gunnar Örn Simonarson, Giulio Calcagno, Antiope Lotsari et al
RSC Advances. Vol. 10 (34), p. 20279-20287
Journal article

Effect of Nitrogen Doping on the Performance of Mesoporous CMK-8 Carbon Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries

Giulio Calcagno, Marco Agostini, Shizhao Xiong et al
Energies. Vol. 13 (19)
Journal article

Electrochemical Behaviour of Nb-Doped Anatase TiO2 Microbeads in an Ionic Liquid Electrolyte

Simon Lindberg, Carmen Cavallo, Giulio Calcagno et al
BATTERIES & SUPERCAPS. Vol. 3 (11), p. 1233-1238
Journal article

Fast charging negative electrodes based on anatase titanium dioxide beads for highly stable Li-ion capacitors

Giulio Calcagno, Antiope Lotsari, A. Dang et al
Materials Today Energy. Vol. 16
Journal article

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