Clara Camarasa

Doctoral Student at Building Technology

Clara is responsible for coordinating and shaping a pan-European project on assessing market barriers for low-carbon innovation in the built environment.
The project includes universities as well as industry stakeholders from various scales and is associated with the thematic platform Transforming the Built Environment (TBE) in the Innovation Pillar of the Climate-KIC.

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Key Decision-Makers and Persuaders in the Selection of Energy-Efficient Technologies in EU Residential Buildings

Clara Camarasa, Raphael Heiberger, Lena Hennes et al
BUILDINGS. Vol. 10 (4)
Journal article

Energy efficiency in the Georgian building sector

Clara Camarasa, Ksenia Petrichenko
Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries: Policies and Programmes, p. 271-286
Book chapter

Energy Efficiency Measures and Data Needs. The Case of the European Building Portfolio Owners

Clara Camarasa, Effrosyni Roussou, Holger Wallbaum et al
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Vol. 503
Paper in proceedings

Prioritizing deep renovation for housing portfolios

Magnus Österbring, Clara Camarasa, Claudio Nägeli et al
Energy and Buildings. Vol. 202
Journal article

Diffusion of energy efficiency technologies in European residential buildings: A bibliometric analysis

Clara Camarasa, Claudio Nägeli, York Ostermeyer et al
Energy and Buildings. Vol. 202
Review article

Synthetic building stocks as a way to assess the energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions of national building stocks

Claudio Nägeli, Clara Camarasa, Martin Jakob et al
Energy and Buildings. Vol. 173, p. 443-460
Journal article

Next Generation Living Labs: Comprehensive Report

Shea Hagy, Frida Bard, Angela Sasic Kalagasidis et al

Specific Barriers to Massive Scale Energetic Refurbishment for Sample Markets in Europe

Clara Camarasa, Claudio Nägeli, Corinna Salzer et al
IFoU - 8th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism
Paper in proceedings

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