Alexander Hellervik

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Preferential centrality as a multi-regional model for spatial interaction and urban agglomeration

Alexander Hellervik, Leonard Carl Staffan Nilsson, Claes Andersson

Empirical support for a theory of spatial capital: Housing prices in Oslo and land values in Gothenburg

Lars Marcus, Axel Heyman, Alexander Hellervik et al
12th International Space Syntax Symposium, SSS 2019
Paper in proceeding

Preferential centrality - a new measure unifying urban activity, attraction and accessibility

Alexander Hellervik, Leonard Carl Staffan Nilsson, Claes Andersson
Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science. Vol. 46 (7), p. 1331-1346
Journal article

A complex networks approach to urban growth.

Claes Andersson, Koen Frenken, Alexander Hellervik
Environment and Planning A. Vol. 38, p. 1941-1964
Journal article

A spatial network explanation for a hierarchy of urban power laws.

Claes Andersson, Alexander Hellervik, Kristian Lindgren
Physica A. Vol. 345 (227)
Journal article

The urban economy as a scale-free network.

Claes Andersson, Alexander Hellervik, Kristian Lindgren et al
Physical Review E. Vol. 68, p. 036124-
Journal article

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