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A National Approach to Assessing the Impacts of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Marianne Karlsson, Asif Akram, Sara Fallahi et al
Proceedings ICOMAAS. 2nd International Conference on Mobility as a Service, p. 357-365
Paper in proceedings

Adapt and strive: How ventures under resource constraints create value through business model adaptations

M. Dopfer, Sara Fallahi, M. Kirchberger et al
Creativity and Innovation Management. Vol. 26 (3), p. 233-246
Journal article

A Process View of Business Model Innovation

Sara Fallahi
Doctoral thesis

Business model innovation processes: Looking forward and looking backward

Joakim Björkdahl, Sara Fallahi, Magnus Holmén
2016 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 5-9, Anaheim, California
Paper in proceedings

Business model innovation and organizational inertia: views on costly signals, capabilities and users

Magnus Holmén, Sara Fallahi
73rd Annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 9-13 August
Paper in proceedings

How does concept development contribute to successful launch? Exploring the role and the sources of Hard-to-Imitate Signals

Magnus Holmén, Sara Fallahi, Rifat Sharmelly
DRUID 2012, Copenhagen, CBS June 19 - 21
Paper in proceedings

Application of Bayesian networks in corrective maintenance safety

Sara Fallahi, Amin Mehdipoor, Mohammad Shahriari
Internationa Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene, 10th - 11th February 2011, p. 261-264
Paper in proceedings

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