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The chance of freezing - a conceptional study to parameterize temperature-dependent freezing by including randomness of ice-nucleating particle concentrations

Hannah Frostenberg, André Welti, Mikael Luhr et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 23 (19), p. 10883-10900
Journal article

Highly Active Ice-Nucleating Particles at the Summer North Pole

Grace C.E. Porter, Michael P. Adams, Ian M. Brooks et al
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Vol. 127 (6)
Journal article

Heterogeneous ice nucleation ability of aerosol particles generated from Arctic sea surface microlayer and surface seawater samples at cirrus temperatures

Robert Wagner, Luisa Ickes, Allan K. Bertram et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 21 (18), p. 13903-13930
Journal article

Ice multiplication from ice-ice collisions in the high Arctic: Sensitivity to ice habit, rimed fraction, ice type and uncertainties in the numerical description of the process

Georgia Sotiropoulou, Luisa Ickes, Athanasios Nenes et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 21 (12), p. 9741-9760
Journal article

Constraining the Impact of Dust-Driven Droplet Freezing on Climate Using Cloud-Top-Phase Observations

Diego Villanueva, David Neubauer, Blaž Gasparini et al
Geophysical Research Letters. Vol. 48 (11)
Journal article

Influence of Arctic Microlayers and Algal Cultures on Sea Spray Hygroscopicity and the Possible Implications for Mixed-Phase Clouds

Sigurd Christiansen, Luisa Ickes, Ines Bulatovic et al
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Vol. 125 (19)
Journal article

The ice-nucleating activity of Arctic sea surface microlayer samples and marine algal cultures

Luisa Ickes, Grace C. E. Porter, Robert Wagner et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 20 (18), p. 11089-11117
Journal article

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