Karl de Fine Licht

Senior Lecturer at Science, Technology and Society
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Renovating on Unequal Premises: A Normative Framework for a Just Renovation Wave in Swedish Multifamily Housing

Jenny von Platten, Karl de Fine Licht, Mikael Mangold et al
Energies. Vol. 14 (19)
Journal article

Arbete för social hållbar mobilitet i stadsutvecklingssammanhang med processverktyget PRISMA

Karl de Fine Licht, Stefan Molnar
Socialt hållbar transportplanering, p. 207-223
Book chapter

On Defining “Reliance” and “Trust”: Purposes, Conditions of Adequacy, and New Definitions

Karl de Fine Licht, Bengt Brülde
Philosophia. Vol. 49 (5), p. 1981-2001
Journal article

"Hostile architecture" and its confederates: A conceptual framework for how we should perceive our cities and the objects in them

Karl de Fine Licht
Canadian Journal of Urban Research. Vol. 29 (2), p. 1-17
Journal article

Artificial intelligence, transparency, and public decision-making: Why explanations are key when trying to produce perceived legitimacy

Karl de Fine Licht, Jenny de Fine Licht
AI and Society. Vol. 35 (4), p. 917-926
Journal article

Health‐related Research Ethics and Social Value: Antibiotic Resistance Intervention Research and Pragmatic Risks

Christian Munthe, Karl de Fine Licht, Niels Nijsingh et al
Bioethics. Vol. 33 (3), p. 335-342
Journal article

Ethics in Automotive Engineering

Jonas Sjöblom, Karl de Fine Licht
Other conference contribution

Defining “Social Sustainability”: Towards a Sustainable Solution to the Conceptual Confusion

Karl de Fine Licht, Anna Folland
Etikk i Praksis. Vol. 13 (2), p. 21-39
Journal article

The Ethics of Antibiotic Resistance: Towards an Agenda for Feasible and Justified Global Health Policy

Christian Munthe, Niels Nijsingh, Karl de Fine Licht et al
Bioethics. Vol. 33 (7), p. 731-733
Other text in scientific journal

Hostile urban architecture: A critical discussion of the seemingly offensive art of keeping people away

Karl de Fine Licht
Etikk i Praksis. Vol. 11 (2), p. 27-44
Review article

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