Kunli Xiong

Visiting Researcher at Applied Chemistry

I started my PHD program in Bionanophotonics group at September 2013. Before it, I studied in KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) for my master degree and my major is photonics. Right now, I focus on fabrication of nanomaterials, and research the optical properties of different nanostructures. I am also interested in manipulating the temperature of nanomaterials by inputting current and build electrochemistry sensor in nanomaterials. For the long term target, I try to combine the polymer technology with special nanomaterial to control the molecules movement.

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Electrically Switchable Polymer Brushes for Protein Capture and Release in Biological Environments**

Gustav Ferrand-Drake Del Castillo, Maria Kyriakidou, Zeynep Adali et al
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. Vol. In Press
Journal article

High-Contrast Switching of Plasmonic Structural Colors: Inorganic versus Organic Electrochromism

Marika Gugole, Oliver Olsson, Kunli Xiong et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 7 (7), p. 1762-1772
Journal article

Optical properties of plasmonic nanopore arrays prepared by electron beam and colloidal lithography

Bita Malekian, Kunli Xiong, Evan S.H. Kang et al
Nanoscale Advances. Vol. 1 (11), p. 4282-4289
Journal article

Nanoplasmonic Sensor Detects Preferential Binding of IRSp53 to Negative Membrane Curvature

Gustav Emilsson, Evelyn Roder, Bita Malekian et al
Frontiers in Chemistry. Vol. 7 (FEB)
Journal article

Active control of plasmonic colors: emerging display technologies

Kunli Xiong, Daniel Tordera, Magnus P. Jonsson et al
Reports on Progress in Physics. Vol. 82 (2)
Review article

Detecting Selective Protein Binding Inside Plasmonic Nanopores: Toward a Mimic of the Nuclear Pore Complex

Bita Malekian, Rafael L. Schoch, Timothy Robson et al
Frontiers in Chemistry. Vol. 6 (December 2018)
Journal article

Gating Protein Transport in Solid State Nanopores by Single Molecule Recognition

Gustav Emilsson, Yusuke Sakiyama, Bita Malekian et al
ACS Central Science. Vol. 4 (8), p. 1007-1014
Journal article

Nanoplasmonic Sensing Architectures for Decoding Membrane Curvature-Dependent Biomacromolecular Interactions

Abdul Rahim Ferhan, J. Jackman, Bita Malekian et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 90 (12), p. 7458-7466
Journal article

Polymer brushes in solid-state nanopores form an impenetrable entropic barrier for proteins

Gustav Emilsson, Kunli Xiong, Yusuke Sakiyama et al
Nanoscale. Vol. 10 (10), p. 4663-4669
Journal article

Fabrication and Characterization of Plasmonic Nanopores with Cavities in the Solid Support

Bita Malekian, Kunli Xiong, Gustav Emilsson et al
Sensors. Vol. 17 (6), p. Article no. 1444 -
Journal article

Surface plasmon resonance methodology for monitoring polymerization kinetics and morphology changes of brushes-evaluated with poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)

Gustav Emilsson, Rafael L. Schoch, Philipp Oertle et al
Applied Surface Science. Vol. 396, p. 384-392
Journal article

Switchable Plasmonic Metasurfaces with High Chromaticity Containing only Abundant Metals

Kunli Xiong, Daniel Tordera, Gustav Emilsson et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 17 (11), p. 7033-7039
Journal article

Plasmonic Metasurfaces with Conjugated Polymers for Flexible Electronic Paper in Color

Kunli Xiong, Gustav Emilsson, Ali Maziz et al
Advanced Materials. Vol. 28 (45), p. 9956-9960
Journal article

Biosensing using plasmonic nanohole arrays with small, homogenous and tunable aperture diameters

Kunli Xiong, Gustav Emilsson, Andreas Dahlin
The Analyst. Vol. 141 (12), p. 3803-3810
Journal article

Location-specific nanoplasmonic sensing of biomolecular binding to lipid membranes with negative curvature

Juliane Junesch, Gustav Emilsson, Kunli Xiong et al
Nanoscale. Vol. 7 (37), p. 15080-15085
Journal article

Plasmon Enhanced Internal Photoemission in Antenna-Spacer-Mirror Based Au/TiO2 Nanostructures

Yurui Fang, Yang Jiao, Kunli Xiong et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 15 (6), p. 4059-4065
Journal article

Plasmonic Nanopores in Metal-Insulator-Metal Films

Andreas Dahlin, Mokhtar Mapar, Kunli Xiong et al
Advanced Optical Materials. Vol. 2 (6), p. 556-564
Journal article

A Thermal Plasmonic Sensor Platform: Resistive Heating of Nanohole Arrays

Mudassar Mumtaz Virk, Kunli Xiong, Mikael Svedendahl et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 14 (6), p. 3544-3549
Journal article

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Plasmoniskt elektroniskt papper för videodisplay

Andreas Dahlin Andreas Dahlin Group
Kunli Xiong Andreas Dahlin Group
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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