Loredana Malafronte

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Macroalgae suspensions prepared by physical treatments: Effect of polysaccharide composition and microstructure on the rheological properties

Loredana Malafronte, Secil Yilmaz-Turan, A. Krona et al
Food Hydrocolloids. Vol. In press
Journal article

Coalescence and agglomeration of individual particles of skim milk during convective drying

Loredana Malafronte, Lilia Ahrné, V. Robertiello et al
Journal of Food Engineering. Vol. 175, p. 15-23
Journal article

Exploring drying kinetics and morphology of commercial dairy powders

Loredana Malafronte, Lilia Ahrné, E. Schuster et al
Journal of Food Engineering. Vol. 158, p. 58-65
Journal article

Prediction of regions of coalescence and agglomeration along a spray dryer-Application to skim milk powder

Loredana Malafronte, Lilia Ahrné, F. Innings et al
Chemical Engineering Research and Design. Vol. 104, p. 703-712
Journal article

Estimation of the effective diffusion coefficient of water in skim milk during single-drop drying

Loredana Malafronte, Lilia Ahrné, E. Kaunisto et al
Journal of Food Engineering. Vol. 147 (C), p. 111-119
Journal article

Combined convective and microwave assisted drying: Experiments and modelling

Loredana Malafronte, G. Lamberti, A.A. Barba et al
Journal of Food Engineering. Vol. 112 (4), p. 304-312
Journal article

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