Elin Malmgren

Doctoral Student at Maritime Studies
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Review of electrofuel feasibility - Cost and environmental impact

Maria Grahn, Elin Malmgren, A. D. Korberg et al
Progress in Energy. Vol. 4 (3)
Journal article

Sustainable fuels for shipping

Selma Brynolf, Maria Grahn, Julia Hansson et al
Sustainable Energy Systems on Ships: Novel Technologies for Low Carbon Shipping, p. 403-428
Book chapter

Life-Cycle Assessment and Costing of Fuels and Propulsion Systems in Future Fossil-Free Shipping

Fayas Malik Kanchiralla, Selma Brynolf, Elin Malmgren et al
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 56 (17), p. 12517-12531
Journal article

Review of electrofuel feasibility - Prospects for road, ocean, and air transport

Selma Brynolf, Julia Hansson, James E Anderson et al
Progress in Energy. Vol. 4 (4)
Review article

The environmental performance of a fossil-free ship propulsion system with onboard carbon capture - a life cycle assessment of the HyMethShip concept

Elin Malmgren, Selma Brynolf, Erik Fridell et al
Sustainable Energy and Fuels. Vol. 5 (10), p. 2753-2770
Journal article

The HyMethShip Concept: An investigation of system design choices and vessel operation characteristics influence on life cycle performance

Elin Malmgren, Selma Brynolf, Martin Borgh et al
Proceedings of 8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020
Paper in proceeding

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Is liquid bio-gas part of the solution to greenhouse gas emissions from shipping?

Selma Brynolf Maritime Environmental Sciences
Julia Hansson Maritime Environmental Sciences
Elin Malmgren Maritime Environmental Sciences
Swedish Energy Agency

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Karin Andersson Maritime Environmental Sciences
Maria Grahn Maritime Environmental Sciences
Selma Brynolf Maritime Environmental Sciences
Elin Malmgren Maritime Environmental Sciences
European Commission (EC)

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