Cecilia Mayer Labba

Doctoral Student at Food and Nutrition Science

Cecilia Mayer Labba is a PhD student at the division of food and nutrition science. Her research focuses on health effects of the protein shift, with emphasis on Swedish fava bean protein.
To carry out a large-scale dietary shift in a society, it is of outmost importance to clarify the health effects of such a shift both at individuals’ level as well as at a population level. Nutritional and antinutritional composition in beans, such as protein, minerals, phytate, polyphenols, oligosaccharides, trypsin inhibitors, convicine/vicine and lectins is addressed. The effect of different processing techniques on nutritional value are investigated. Clinical human trials are performed to study iron absorption and metabolic responses to plant protein.

Cecilia is also working with equality internally at Chalmers and is the equality delegate on the institution.

Source: chalmers.se
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Isolation, identification, and selection of strains as candidate probiotics and starters for fermentation of Swedish legumes

Cecilia Mayer Labba, Thomas Andlid, Åsa Lindgren et al
Food and Nutrition Research. Vol. 64, p. 4410-
Journal article

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