Jan Orkisz

Post doc at Astronomy and Plasmaphysics

Jan Orkisz is a post-doctoral researcher working within the project PROMISE. His main research interests are star formation, interstellar turbulence and molecular cloud evolution. He specializes in statistical analysis of the morphology and dynamics of molecular structures, at scales ranging from the giant clouds to the filaments and prestellar cores.

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Quantitative inference of the H2 column densities from 3mm molecular emission: case study towards Orion B

Pierre Gratier, Jerome Pety, Emeric Bron et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 645
Journal article

Tracers of the ionization fraction in dense and translucent gas: I. Automated exploitation of massive astrochemical model grids

E. Bron, Evelyne Roueff, M. Gerin et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 645
Journal article

Autonomous Gaussian decomposition of the Galactic Ring Survey I. Global statistics and properties of the (CO)-C-13 emission data

M. Riener, Jouni Kainulainen, H. Beuther et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 633
Journal article

GAUSSPY+: A fully automated Gaussian decomposition package for emission line spectra

M. Riener, Jouni Kainulainen, J. D. Henshaw et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 628
Journal article

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