Sina Torabi

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Fuel-efficient driving strategies

Sina Torabi
Doctoral thesis

Energy minimization for an electric bus using a genetic algorithm

Sina Torabi, Mauro Bellone, Mattias Wahde
European Transport Research Review. Vol. 12 (1)
Journal article

A method for performance analysis of a genetic algorithm applied to the problem of fuel consumption minimization for heavy-duty vehicles

Sina Torabi, Mattias Wahde
Applied Soft Computing Journal. Vol. 80, p. 735-741
Journal article

A method for real-time dynamic fleet mission planning for autonomous mining

Mattias Wahde, Mauro Bellone, Sina Torabi
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. Vol. 33 (5), p. 564-590
Journal article

Road grade and vehicle mass estimation for heavy-duty vehicles using feedforward neural networks

Sina Torabi, Mattias Wahde, Pitoyo Hartono
4th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Engineering, ICITE 2019, p. 316-321
Paper in proceeding

Fuel-Efficient Driving Strategies for Heavy-Duty Vehicles: A Platooning Approach Based on Speed Profile Optimization

Sina Torabi, Mattias Wahde
Journal of Advanced Transportation. Vol. 2018
Journal article

Fuel consumption optimization of heavy-duty vehicles using genetic algorithms

Sina Torabi, Mattias Wahde
2017 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, CEC 2017 - Proceedings, p. 29-36
Paper in proceeding

Truck Platooning Based on Lead Vehicle Speed Profile Optimization and Artificial Physics

Luca Caltagirone, Sina Torabi, Mattias Wahde
IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Proceedings, ITSC 2015. Vol. 2015 October, p. 394-399
Paper in proceeding

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TranzPORT-Testing Real AutoNomous Zero emission vehicles to PORT

Peter Forsberg Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Mattias Wahde Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Sina Torabi Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
FFI - Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation

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