Emely Wiegand

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Characterizing decoherence rates of a superconducting qubit by direct microwave scattering

Yong Lu, Andreas Bengtsson, Jonathan Burnett et al
npj Quantum Information. Vol. 7 (1)
Journal article

Transmon in a semi-infinite high-impedance transmission line: Appearance of cavity modes and Rabi oscillations

Emely Wiegand, B. Rousseaux, Göran Johansson
Physical Review Research. Vol. 3 (2)
Journal article

Ultimate quantum limit for amplification: A single atom in front of a mirror

Emely Wiegand, P. Y. Wen, Per Delsing et al
New Journal of Physics. Vol. 23 (4)
Journal article

Semiclassical analysis of dark-state transient dynamics in waveguide circuit QED

Emely Wiegand, Göran Johansson, Benjamin Rousseaux
Physical Review A. Vol. 101 (3)
Journal article

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