Characterisation of EBM-Built Shelled Samples of Ti6Al4V Compacted by HIP
Paper i proceeding, 2016

Compaction of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V components by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is often applied to eliminate porosity, producing fully dense material. In the present work shelled samples produced by Electron Beam Melting with the Arcam process (EBM) were compacted by HIP to produce fully dense samples. Cylindrical samples were studied. The walls of the cylinders were built with EBM, and the powder from the process was left uncompacted inside the cylinders. Samples with different wall thicknesses were produced. The samples were thereafter subjected to a HIP compaction. The critical wall thicknesses needed for compaction were evaluated, and the microstructures characterized. The results show that fully dense samples, with very fine microstructures, are possible.


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World Powder Metallurgy 2016 Congress and Exhibition, World PM 2016; Hamburg; Germany; 9 October 2016 through 13 October 2016

Innovativ komponentteknologi via pulverteknik (Steg 2)

VINNOVA, 2014-05-15 -- 2016-08-25.


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