Performance Evaluation of Electrically Excited Synchronous Machine compared to PMSM for High-Power Traction Drives
Paper i proceeding, 2020

The electric drive design for heavy-duty vehicles ischallenging due to special requirements involved, such as highstarting torque and operation at the peak power for a longtime. The electrically excited synchronous machine (EESM) is asuitable machine type for such an application and a potentialalternative to the permanent magnet synchronous machines(PMSM) due to the superior flexibility that the control of thebrushless rotor excitation offers. The direct adjustment of theflux allows also to tune the best efficiency region of the machineclose to the usual operating points of the vehicle achieving at thesame time a better power factor compared to a PMSM, whichcan further increase the efficiency and the power capability ofthe stator inverter. A case-study comparison of a EESM- andPMSM-based drive for electric trucks is presented in this paperwhere Finite-Element-Method and Matlab simulations of thewhole vehicle drivetrain showcase the advantages of the EESM.

Electric machines

Electrically excited synchronous machine (EESM)

Machine control

Permanent magnet machines

Electric vehicles

semiconductor losses

Finite element analysis


Georgios Mademlis

Chalmers, Elektroteknik, Elkraftteknik

Yujing Liu

Chalmers, Elektroteknik, Elkraftteknik

Junfei Tang

Chalmers, Elektroteknik, Elkraftteknik

Luca Boscaglia

Chalmers, Elektroteknik, Elkraftteknik

Nimananda Sharma

Chalmers, Elektroteknik, Elkraftteknik

Proceedings - 2020 International Conference on Electrical Machines, ICEM 2020

1793-1799 9270852
978-172819945-0 (ISBN)

2020 24th International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM)
Gothenburg, virtual, Sweden,

iTEM - Integrerad Transmission och Elektrisk motor

Energimyndigheten (45622-1), 2018-02-09 -- 2020-09-30.


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