Ghazaleh Ghaffari

Doctoral Student at Injury Prevention

Ghazaleh Ghaffari is a PhD candidate in Biomechanics at the department of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers University of Technology. The research group she belongs to is the Injury Prevention at the division of Vehicle Safety. Her research is focused on the development of finite element human body models (HBMs) with active musculature. The active HBMs simulate the vehicle occupant response in the complicated pre-crash and crash scenarios. The HBMs are valuable analytical tools that are used within advanced technologies such as autonomous braking and steering, and play a key role in improving the vehicle safety. Ghazaleh is involved in collecting and analysing a new set of experimental data in order to evaluate and further improve the current human body models. She received her B.Sc. degree in Bioelectronics from Azad University of Iran and finished her M.Sc. studies in Biomedical Engineering at Linköping University, Sweden. Between 2013 and 2015, Ghazaleh was employed as a research assistant at Linköping University Hospital and worked on the analysis of muscle activities using electromyogram (EMG) signals.


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Passenger muscle responses in lane change and lane change with braking maneuvers using two belt configurations: Standard and reversible pre-pretensioner

Ghazaleh Ghaffari, Karin Brolin, Bengt Pipkorn et al
Traffic Injury Prevention. Vol. 20 (sup1), p. S43-S51
Journal article

Passenger kinematics in Lane change and Lane change with Braking Manoeuvres using two belt configurations: standard and reversible pre‐pretensioner

Ghazaleh Ghaffari
2018 IRCOBI Conference Proceedings- International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, p. 493-511
Paper in proceedings

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Active human body models for virtual occupant response, step 3

Jóna Marin Olafsdottir Person Injury Prevention
Johan Davidsson Person Injury Prevention
Ghazaleh Ghaffari Person Injury Prevention
Karin Brolin Vehicle Safety

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