Bogdan Karpiak

Doctoral Student at Chalmers, Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Quantum Device Physics

PhD student at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Quantum Device Physics Laboratory


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Tailoring emergent spin phenomena in Dirac material heterostructures

Dmitrii Khokhriakov, Aron W. Cummings, Kenan Song et al
Science advances. Vol. 4 (9)
Journal article

Origin and evolution of surface spin current in topological insulators

André Dankert, Priyamvada Bhaskar, Dmitrii Khokhriakov et al
Physical Review B. Vol. 97 (12)
Journal article

1D ferromagnetic edge contacts to 2D graphene/h-BN heterostructures

Bogdan Karpiak, André Dankert, A. W. Cummings et al
2D Materials. Vol. 5 (1), p. 014001-
Journal article

Hall sensors batch-fabricated on all-CVD h-BN/graphene/h-BN heterostructures

André Dankert, Bogdan Karpiak, Saroj Prasad Dash
Scientific Reports. Vol. 7
Journal article

Gate-tunable Hall sensors on large area CVD graphene protected by h-BN with 1D edge contacts

Bogdan Karpiak, André Dankert, Saroj Prasad Dash
Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 122 (5), p. Article no 054506 -
Journal article

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