Magnus Walander

Doctoral Student at Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Combustion, Förbränningsmotorer och framdrivningssystem

Since August 2017, Magnus is a PhD student at the division of Combustion and Propulsion Systems. His research is about catalytic exhaust aftertreatment. The project, whose objective is to develop a validated model for pore diffusion in the Diesel oxidation catalyst, is performed in close cooperation with Johnson Matthey and Volvo Cars. A successful project will enable fulfillment of future emission legislation requirements.


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Efficient Experimental Approach to Evaluate Mass Transfer Limitations for Monolithic DOCs

Magnus Walander, Jonas Sjöblom, Derek Creaser et al
Topics in Catalysis. Vol. 62 (1-4), p. 391-396
Journal article

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Emission control by validated catalytic reactor modelling

Derek Creaser Chemical Reaction Engineering
Magnus Walander Combustion
Jonas Sjöblom Combustion
Swedish Energy Agency


Effective parameter estimation for catalyst models

Derek Creaser Chemical Reaction Engineering
Björn Lundberg Chemical Reaction Engineering
Jonas Sjöblom Combustion
Magnus Walander Combustion
Swedish Energy Agency

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