Kevin Marc Seja

Postdoc at Applied Quantum Physics

I am a PostDoc at the Applied Quantum Physics lab at MC2. My research is focused on superconductors out of equilibrium, as well as superconducting hybrid structures that combine superconductors with other materials such as magnets. The latter can give rise to new, interesting physical effects that can be useful for device applications such as superconducting spintronics. However, I'm interested in quantum materials in general and how we can investigate them using both analytical tools as well as numerical approaches such as finite element methods.

I obtained my master's degree from TU Dresden in Germany before coming to Chalmers. Here, I received my PhD in the summer of 2022, a few months before joining as a postdoctoral researcher.

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Self-consistent theory of current injection into d and d plus is superconductors

Kevin Marc Seja, Tomas Löfwander
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter. Vol. 34 (42)
Journal article

Thermopower and thermophase in a d -wave superconductor

Kevin Marc Seja, Louhane Jacob, Tomas Löfwander
Physical Review B. Vol. 105 (10)
Journal article

Finite element method for the quasiclassical theory of superconductivity

Kevin Marc Seja, Tomas Löfwander
Physical Review B. Vol. 106 (14)
Journal article

Quasiclassical theory of charge transport across mesoscopic normal-metal-superconducting heterostructures with current conservation

Kevin Marc Seja, Tomas Löfwander
Physical Review B. Vol. 104 (10)
Journal article

Transport in mesoscopic superconducting devices

Kevin Marc Seja
Licentiate thesis

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