Sunney Fotedar

Doctoral Student at Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Pune, India), and MSc. Energy (University of Bergen, Norway) with specialization in Optimization

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A decision-making tool to identify routings for an efficient utilization of machining resources: the decision makers’ perspective

Sunney Fotedar, Torgny Almgren, Joakim Wikner et al
PLANs forsknings-och tillämpningskonferens
Paper in proceedings

Mathematical optimization of the tactical allocation of machining resources for an efficient capacity utilization in aerospace component manufacturing

Sunney Fotedar, Torgny Almgren, Stefan Cedergren et al
Proceedings of the 10th Aerospace Technology Congress, p. 183-188
Paper in proceedings

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Tactical resource allocation for efficient capacity Utilization

Ann-Brith Strömberg Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Torgny Almgren Mathematics
Sunney Fotedar Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Michael Patriksson Applied Mathematics and Statistics

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