Large area and uniform monolayer graphene CVD growth on oxidized copper in a cold wall reactor
Paper i proceeding, 2016

Graphene growth on copper in cold wall chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is not an inherently self- limiting process, which means that adlayers appear as long as there is sufficient growth time. The growth of large area and uniform monolayer becomes crucial and imminent. In this study, the pre-Treatment of oxidation was employed on copper. The results have shown that oxidation pre-Treatment in combination with argon annealing process would not only decrease the density of nucleation site, but also suppress the activity of nucleation site for the multilayer graphene growth. Therefore, large area and uniform monolayer graphene was obtained. The characterization of SEM. AFM and Raman analysis was also performed on either pristine graphene copper or transferred graphene on silicon oxide substrate.


Wei Mu

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Yifeng Fu

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Shuangxi Sun

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Michael Edwards

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Lilei Ye

Kjell Jeppson

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Johan Liu

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IMAPS Nordic Annual Conference 2016 Proceedings


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