Anna Rylander Eklund

Visiting Researcher at Innovation and R&D Management

Visiting Researcher at the Division of Innovation and R&D Management at the Department of Technology Management and Economics.

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Pre-Reflection-in-Action: Rethinking Schön’s Reflective Practice Through the “Habits of Design Artistry”

Anna Rylander Eklund, Brian Dixon, Frithjof Wegener
Design Issues. Vol. 39 (4), p. 9-20
Journal article

Introduction: Pragmatism, Dewey, and Design Inquiry

Brian Dixon, Anna Rylander Eklund, Frithjof Wegener
Design Issues. Vol. 39 (4), p. 3-8
Other text in scientific journal

Design thinking as sensemaking—Developing a pragmatist theory of practice to (re)introduce sensibility

Anna Rylander Eklund, Ulises Navarro Aguiar, Ariana Amacker
Journal of Product Innovation Management. Vol. 39 (1), p. 24-43
Journal article

Towards a Follettian foundation for self-managing organizations: Learning to lead together through making together

Anna Rylander Eklund, Constantin Bremer, Maria Elmquist
Other conference contribution

Practicing Agility: Proposing an Agile Organization Design Manifesto

Constantin Bremer, Anna Rylander Eklund, Maria Elmquist
Other conference contribution

Arts-Based Techniques in Process Research: Learning to See the Forest for the Trees

Ariana Amacker, Anna Rylander Eklund
Doing Process research in organizations: Noticing Differently , p. 39-58
Book chapter

Agile Organizations: Challenges and Tensions from the Employee Perspective

Constantin Bremer, Anna Rylander Eklund, Maria Elmquist
Proceedings of the 22nd International CINet Conference, p. 94-103
Paper in proceeding

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Innovation lab for sustainable preparedness in food supply

Maria Elmquist Innovation and R&D Management
Anna Rylander Eklund Innovation and R&D Management
Joakim Netz Innovation and R&D Management

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