Johannes Morfeldt

Post doc at Physical Resource Theory

Johannes Morfeldt’s research explores the basis for a societal transition where climate and other sustainability goals are met, and in what way resource efficiency can contribute to the transition. During his post-doc, Johannes examines future mobility solutions and their potential for supplying transport services more resource efficiently. Together with climate neutral production technologies, these solutions can contribute to achieving the goals. The purpose of the research is to contribute with results and conclusions that can support design of climate and energy policy in Sweden and other countries.

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Cost-effective implementation of the Paris Agreement using flexible greenhouse gas metrics

Katsumasa Tanaka, Olivier Boucher, Philippe Ciais et al
Science advances. Vol. 7 (22)
Journal article

Carbon footprint impacts of banning cars with internal combustion engines

Johannes Morfeldt, Simon Davidsson Kurland, Daniel Johansson
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. Vol. 95
Journal article

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Vehicle lifetime in different mobility solutions

Daniel Johansson Physical Resource Theory
Johannes Morfeldt Physical Resource Theory 2


Mistra Carbon Exit

Daniel Johansson Physical Resource Theory
Frances Sprei Physical Resource Theory
Filip Johnsson Energy Technology
Katarina Gårdfeldt Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV)
Sonia Yeh Physical Resource Theory
Ida Karlsson Energy Technology 1
Johannes Morfeldt Physical Resource Theory 2
The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra)

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