Andrea Fazi

Researcher at Microstructure Physics

Andrea Fazi has a Master of Science in Materials Engineering and the main focus of his research is on Coated Zirconium Claddings for Accident Tolerant Nuclear Fuel.

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Performance and evolution of cold spray Cr-coated optimized ZIRLO™ claddings under simulated loss-of-coolant accident conditions

Andrea Fazi, Mohammad Sattari, Marta Krystyna Stiller et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 576
Journal article

Comparing CrN and TiN Coatings for Accident-Tolerant Fuels in PWR and BWR Autoclaves

Andrea Fazi, Pratik Lokhande, Denise Adorno Lopes et al
Journal of Nuclear Engineering. Vol. 3 (4), p. 321-332
Journal article

Cold sprayed Cr-coating on Optimized ZIRLO™ claddings: the Cr/Zr interface and its microstructural and chemical evolution after autoclave corrosion testing

Andrea Fazi, Marta Krystyna Stiller, Hans-Olof Andrén et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 560
Journal article

Characterization of as-deposited cold sprayed Cr-coating on Optimized ZIRLO™ claddings

Andrea Fazi, Hisham Aboulfadl, Anand Harihara Subramonia Iyer et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 549
Journal article

Bandgap engineered Cu2ZnGexSn1−xS4 solar cells using an adhesive TiN back contact layer

Nishant Saini, Jes Larsen, Kristina Lindgren et al
Journal of Alloys and Compounds. Vol. 880
Journal article

Multiple growth of graphene from a pre-dissolved carbon source

Andrea Fazi, Andreas Nylander, Abdelhafid Zehri et al
Nanotechnology. Vol. 31 (34), p. 345601-
Journal article

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Electrifying bacteria with graphene to enhance microbial electro-fuels production from CO2

Nikolaos Xafenias Industrial Biotechnology
Jie Sun Quantum Device Physics
Andrea Fazi Industrial Biotechnology

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