Isaac Fernando Quijandria Diaz

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Gaussian Conversion Protocols for Cubic Phase State Generation

Yu Zheng, Oliver Hahn, Pascal Stadler et al
PRX QUANTUM. Vol. 2 (1)
Journal article

Propagating Wigner-Negative States Generated from the Steady-State Emission of a Superconducting Qubit

Yong Lu, Ingrid Strandberg, Isaac Fernando Quijandria Diaz et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 126 (25)
Journal article

Wigner negativity in the steady-state output of a Kerr parametric oscillator

Ingrid Strandberg, Göran Johansson, Isaac Fernando Quijandria Diaz
Physical Review Research. Vol. 3 (2)
Journal article

Universal Gate Set for Continuous-Variable Quantum Computation with Microwave Circuits

Timo Hillmann, Isaac Fernando Quijandria Diaz, Göran Johansson et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 125 (16)
Journal article

Observation of Three-Photon Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion in a Superconducting Parametric Cavity

C. W. S. Chang, C. Sabín, P. Forn-Díaz et al
Physical Review X. Vol. 10 (1)
Journal article

Tripartite Genuine Non-Gaussian Entanglement in Three-Mode Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion

A. Agustí, C. W. S. Chang, Isaac Fernando Quijandria Diaz et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 125 (2)
Journal article

Numerical study of Wigner negativity in one-dimensional steady-state resonance fluorescence

Ingrid Strandberg, Yong Lu, Isaac Fernando Quijandria Diaz et al
Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. Vol. 100 (6)
Journal article

PT-symmetric circuit QED

Isaac Fernando Quijandria Diaz, Uta Naether, Sahin K. Ozdemir et al
Journal article

Steady-State Generation of Wigner-Negative States in One-Dimensional Resonance Fluorescence

Isaac Fernando Quijandria Diaz, Ingrid Strandberg, Göran Johansson
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 121 (26)
Journal article

Generating Multimode Entangled Microwaves with a Superconducting Parametric Cavity

C. W. Sandbo Chang, Michael Roger Andre Simoen, Jose Aumentado et al
Physical Review Applied. Vol. 10 (4)
Journal article

Ultrastrong coupling in two-resonator circuit QED

A. Baust, E. Hoffmann, M. Haeberlein et al
Physical Review B. Vol. 93 (21), p. Art. no. 214501-
Journal article

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