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Residential movements in connection to renovation of rented multi-residential housing: A pilot study

Paula Femenias, Lina Jonsdotter, J. Forsemalm et al
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Vol. 297 (1)
Paper in proceedings

Flytt i samband med renovering: Preliminära resultat från en pilotstudie

Paula Femenias, Lina Jonsdotter, Alexander Knutsson et al

Arkitektur och materialflöden i bostäder: Hur påverkar arkitekturen materialflöden över tid i bostadsrätter?

Lina Jonsdotter, Paula Femenias, Cecilia Holmström et al
Bygg & Teknik (2), p. 12-16
Magazine article

Arkitektur, materialflöden och klimatpåverkan i bostäder

Paula Femenias, Cecilia Holmström, Lina Jonsdotter et al

Architectural Research in Living Labs: Exploring Occupier Driven Changes in Homes

Paula Femenias, Liane Thuvander, Cecilia Holmström et al
Living Labs Design and Assessment of Sustainable Living; Keyson, D.V., Guerra-Santin, O., Lockton, D. (Eds.), p. 89-99
Book chapter

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Consencus in energy renovation: The tenant in focus

Paula Femenias Building Design
Alexander Knutsson Building Design
Lina Jonsdotter Building Design
Liane Thuvander Architectural theory and methods
Martine Buser Construction Management
Swedish Energy Agency
Centre for Management of the Built Environment (CMB)

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