Johanna Xu

Post doc at Material and Computational Mechanics

Research activities on multifunctional composites. Focusing on experimental work on structural battery composites, a material that can simultaneously store electrical energy and carry mechanical loads. The work comprises material development and characterization, ranging from mechanical and electrochemical characterization of constituents to cells and multi-cell structures.

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Electrophoretic coating of LiFePO4/Graphene oxide on carbon fibers as cathode electrodes for structural lithium ion batteries

Jaime Sanchez Sanchez, Johanna Xu, Zhenyuan Xia et al
Composites Science and Technology. Vol. 208
Journal article

A structural battery and its multifunctional performance

Leif Asp, Karl Bouton, David Carlstedt et al
Advanced Energy & Sustainability Research. Vol. 2
Journal article

Electro-chemo-mechanically coupled computational modelling of structural batteries

David Carlstedt, Kenneth Runesson, Fredrik Larsson et al
Multifunctional Materials. Vol. 3 (4)
Journal article

Characterization of the adhesive properties between structural battery electrolytes and carbon fibers

Johanna Xu, Wilhelm Johannisson, Marcus Johansen et al
Composites Science and Technology. Vol. 188
Journal article

Structural Battery Composites: A Review, Functional Composites and Structures

Leif Asp, Mats Johansson, Göran Lindbergh et al
Functional Composites and Strucutres. Vol. 1
Review article

Unit cells for multiphysics modelling of structural battery composites

David Carlstedt, Johanna Xu, Kenneth Runesson et al
ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials
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