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Traffic-related microplastic particles, metals, and organic pollutants in an urban area under reconstruction

Ida Järlskog, Ann-Margret Hvitt Strömvall, Kerstin Magnusson et al
Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 774
Journal article

A harmonized method for automatable life cycle sustainability performance assessment and comparison of civil engineering works design concepts

Kristine Ek, Alexandre Mathern, Rasmus Rempling et al
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Vol. 588 (5)
Paper in proceeding

Life Cycle Sustainability Performance Assessment Method for Comparison of Civil Engineering Works Design Concepts: Case Study of a Bridge

Kristine Ek, Alexandre Mathern, Rasmus Rempling et al
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Vol. 17 (21), p. 1-34
Journal article

Multi-criteria decision analysis methods to support sustainable infrastructure construction

Kristine Ek, Alexandre Mathern, Rasmus Rempling et al
IABSE Symposium Guimarães 2019 - Towards a Resilient Built Environment Risk and Asset Management, p. 1084-1091
Paper in proceeding

Hydrochemical impact of construction of the western section of the Hallandsås rail tunnel in Sweden

Fredrik Mossmark, Katinka Klingberg Annertz, Lars O Ericsson et al
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment. Vol. 76 (2), p. 751-769
Journal article

Hydrochemical changes caused by underground constructions - A case study of the Kattleberg rail tunnel

Fredrik Mossmark, Lars O Ericsson, Malin Norin et al
Engineering Geology. Vol. 191, p. 86-98
Journal article

Economic Project Risk Assessment in Remediation Projects Prior to Construction: Methodology Development and Case Study Application

Petra Brinkhoff, Malin Norin, Jenny Norrman et al
Remediation. Vol. 25 (2), p. 117-138
Journal article

SCORE: A novel multi-criteria decision analysis approach to assessing the sustainability of contaminated land remediation

Lars Rosen, P. E. Back, T. Soderqvist et al
Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 511, p. 621-638
Journal article

SCORE: Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) for Sustainability Appraisal of Remedial Alternatives

Lars Rosen, Jenny Norrman, Tommy Norberg et al
R.R. Sirabian and R. Darlington (Chairs), Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies—2013. Second International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies (Jacksonville, FL; June 10–13, 2013)
Paper in proceeding

Environmental emission impact from transport during soil remediation

Johanna Hector, Malin Norin, Katarina Heikkilä et al
Urban Environment. Vol. 19, p. 439-448
Paper in proceeding

Arsenic Contamination After Wood Impregnation: Speciation, Sorption and Leaching

Emma Johansson, Kristine Ek, Malin Norin et al
Highway and Urban Environment: Proceedings of the 9th Highway and Urban Environment symposium (Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries Science and Technology: Tools for Sustainable Development. Vol 17), p. 287-297
Paper in proceeding

Aggressive groundwater chemistry caused by underground constructions

Fredrik Mossmark, Lars O Ericsson, Lars-Olof Dahlström et al
Proceedings of the 33rd International Geological Congress, Oslo, Norway, August 2008
Paper in proceeding

Reactive soil barriers for removal of chromium(VI) from contaminated soil

Ann-Margret Hvitt Strömvall, Malin Norin, H. Inanta
Highway and Urban Environment. Proceedings of the 8th Highway and Urban Environment Symposium, p. 295-308
Book chapter

Organic contaminants in urban sediments and vertical leaching in road ditches

Ann-Margret Hvitt Strömvall, Malin Norin, Thomas Pettersson
8th Highway and Urban Environment Symposium, Nicosia, Cyprus, 12-14 June 2006, Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries, Springer, Editors: Morrison, G.M., Rauch, S., 12
Paper in proceeding

Hydrogeological Decision Analysis for Designing Temporary Storage for Reclaimed Asphalt

Jenny Norrman, Lars Rosen, Malin Norin
Environmental Engineering Science. Vol. 22 (6), p. 783-801
Journal article

Leaching of organic contaminants from storage of reclaimed asphalt pavement

Malin Norin, Ann-Margret Hvitt Strömvall
Environmental Technology (United Kingdom). Vol. 25 (3), p. 323-340
Journal article

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