Kia Noehr Iversen

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The Effect of Rye-Based Foods on Postprandial Plasma Insulin Concentration: The Rye Factor

Kia Noehr Iversen, Karin Jonsson, Rikard Landberg
Frontiers in Nutrition. Vol. 9
Review article

Whole Grains and Appetite

Sabine Ibrügger, Kia Noehr Iversen, M. Kristensen et al
Whole Grains and Health: Second Edition, p. 241-274
Book chapter

The effects of fermented rye products on gut microbiota and their association with metabolic factors in Chinese adults - an explorative study

Yuwei Liu, Kun Xue, Kia Noehr Iversen et al
Food and Function. Vol. 12 (19), p. 9141-9150
Journal article

Whole Grains, Gut Microbiota, and Health-Time to Get Personal? Comment

Kia Noehr Iversen, Rikard Landberg
Journal of Nutrition. Vol. 151 (3), p. 459-461
Other text in scientific journal

Effects of whole-grain wheat, rye, and lignan supplementation on cardiometabolic risk factors in men with metabolic syndrome: A randomized crossover trial

Anne Kirstine Eriksen, Carl Brunius, Mohsen Mazidi et al
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 111 (4), p. 864-876
Journal article

Appetite and Subsequent Food Intake Were Unaffected by the Amount of Sourdough and Rye in Soft Bread-A Randomized Cross-Over Breakfast Study

Kia Noehr Iversen, Daniel P. Johansson, Carl Brunius et al
Nutrients. Vol. 10 (11)
Journal article

Whole-grain rye and wheat affect some markers of gut health without altering the fecal microbiota in healthy overweight adults: A 6-week randomized trial

S. Vuholm, D.S. Nielsen, Kia Noehr Iversen et al
Journal of Nutrition. Vol. 147 (11), p. 2067-2075
Journal article

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Tailored Carbohydrate Quality for Personalized Weight Management and Metabolic Health

Rikard Landberg Food and Nutrition Science
Kia Noehr Iversen Food and Nutrition Science
Patricia Lopez-Sanchez Food and Nutrition Science
Adila Omar Food and Nutrition Science

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