Vilhelm Verendel

Research Engineer at Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers), CSE Verksamhetsstöd, Data Science Research Engineers

I got my PhD in complex systems in 2016. In the academic year 2017-2018 I was a visiting fellow at Oxford University. I currently work as a research engineer in the Data Science Research Engineers unit in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I specialize in machine learning and I am also the unit manager of the group.


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Do national strategies under the UN biodiversity and climate conventions address agricultural commodity consumption as deforestation driver?

Sabine Henders, Madelene Ostwald, Vilhelm Verendel et al
Land Use Policy. Vol. 70, p. 580-590
Journal article

Fermi's paradox, Extraterrestrial Life and the Future of Humanity: a Bayesian Analysis

Vilhelm Verendel, Olle Häggström
International Journal of Astrobiology. Vol. 16 (1), p. 14-18
Journal article

Models of Cooperation, Learning and Catastrophic Risk

Vilhelm Verendel
Doctoral thesis

Strategic reasoning and bargaining in catastrophic climate change games

Vilhelm Verendel, Daniel Johansson, Kristian Lindgren
Nature Climate Change (3), p. 265-268
Journal article

A cobweb model of land-use competition between food and bioenergy crops

Liv Lundberg, Emma Jonson, Kristian Lindgren et al
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Vol. 53, p. 1-14
Journal article

Evolutionary Exploration of the Finitely Repeated Prisoners' Dilemma -- The Effect of Out-of-Equilibrium Play

Kristian Lindgren, Vilhelm Verendel
Games. Vol. 4 (1), p. 1-20
Journal article

Some Problems in Quantified Security

Vilhelm Verendel
Licentiate thesis

Adaptive Dynamics of Realistic Small-World Networks

Olof Mogren, Oskar Sandberg, Vilhelm Verendel et al
European Conference on Complex Systems 2009, p. 12-
Paper in proceedings

Quantified Security is a Weak Hypothesis: A critical survey of results and assumptions

Vilhelm Verendel
Proceedings of NSPW’09, September 8–11, 2009, Oxford, United Kingdom, p. 37-49
Paper in proceedings

A Prospect Theory approach to Security

Vilhelm Verendel

An Approach to using Honeypots in In-Vehicle Networks

Vilhelm Verendel, Dennis Nilsson, Ulf Larson et al
68th Semi-Annual IEEE Vehicular Technology, VTC 2008-Fall, Conference; Calgary, AB; Canada; 21 September 2008 through 24 September 2008
Paper in proceedings

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STEPFlow_Spatio-temporal modelling and estimation of pedestrian flow

David Bolin Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Vilhelm Verendel CSE Verksamhetsstöd
Oscar Ivarsson CSE Verksamhetsstöd
Ioanna Stavroulaki Urban Design and Planning
Meta Berghauser Pont Urban Design and Planning


Big Data for Airborne Wind Energy Systems Optimization

Sébastien Gros Automatic Control
Fredrik Hedenus Physical Resource Theory
Vilhelm Verendel Physical Resource Theory

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