Embedded Fin-Like Metal/CNT Hybrid Structures for Flexible and Transparent Conductors
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2016

In this paper, an embedded fin-like metal-coated carbon nanotube (Fin-M/CNT) structure is demonstrated for flexible and transparent conductor wire applications. Embedded in a polydimethylsiloxane polymeric substrate, Fin-M/CNT wires with a minimum width of 5 μm and a minimum pitch of 10 μm have been achieved. Direct current resistances of single Fin-M/CNT wires, where the supporting CNT structures have been covered by Ti/Al/Au metal coatings of different thicknesses, have been measured. The high aspect ratio of the fin-like structures not only improves the adhesion between the wires and the polymeric substrate, but also yields a low resistance at a small surface footprint. In addition, transparent Fin-M/CNT grid lines with hexagonal patterns, with a sheet resistance of as low as 45 Ω sq−1, have been achieved at an optical transmittance of 88%. The robustness of the Fin-M/CNT structures has been demonstrated in bending tests up to 500 cycles and no significant changes in wire resistances are observed.


Di Jiang

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Nan Wang

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Michael Edwards

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Wei Mu

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Yifeng Fu

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Kjell Jeppson

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Johan Liu

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1613-6810 (ISSN) 1613-6829 (eISSN)

Vol. 12 1521-1526

Carbon Based Smart Systems for Wireless Applications (NANO RF)

Europeiska kommissionen (FP7), 2012-09-01 -- 2015-08-31.


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