Andrew Yankovich

Researcher at Nano and Biophysics

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Ground-state electron transfer in all-polymer donor-acceptor heterojunctions

Kai Xu, Hengda Sun, Tero Petri Ruoko et al
Nature Materials. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Visualizing Spatial Variations of Plasmon-Exciton Polaritons at the Nanoscale Using Electron Microscopy

Andrew Yankovich, Battulga Munkhbat, Denis Baranov et al
Nano Letters
Journal article

Optimizing Nanostructure Size to Yield High Raman Signal Enhancement by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

Yitian Zeng, Steven Madsen, Andrew Yankovich et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis. Vol. 25, p. 610-611
Journal article

Influence of atomic site-specific strain on catalytic activity of supported nanoparticles

Torben Nilsson Pingel, Mikkel Jørgensen, Andrew Yankovich et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 9
Journal article

Strong Light-Matter Coupling between Plasmons in Individual Gold Bi-pyramids and Excitons in Mono- and Multilayer WSe2

Michael Stührenberg, Battulga Munkhbat, Denis Baranov et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 18 (9), p. 5938-5945
Journal article

Metasurfaces and Colloidal Suspensions Composed of 3D Chiral Si Nanoresonators

Ruggero Verre, Lei Shao, Nils Odebo Länk et al
Advanced Materials. Vol. 29 (29)
Journal article

Multidimensional Hybridization of Dark Surface Plasmons

Andrew Yankovich, Ruggero Verre, Erik Olsén et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 11 (4), p. 4265-4274
Journal article

Counterintuitive Reconstruction of the Polar O-Terminated ZnO Surface with Zinc Vacancies and Hydrogen

R. Jacobs, B. Zheng, B. Puchala et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry A. Vol. 7 (22), p. 4483-4487
Journal article

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