Dinis Oliveira

Administrative Assistent at Maritime Environmental Sciences

Dinis studies biofouling on ships' hulls, i.e. the growth of marine organisms leading to increased frictional resistance and thence increased fuel consumption. Thus, the project includes characterizing biofouling communities, developing a friction model and optimizing current methods of hull cleaning. He is also involved in lab/field tutorials and discussion seminars with students from Master Mariner, Shipping and Logistics (Bachelor programs) and Maritime Management (Master program). Before Dinis started his PhD at Chalmers in August, 2015, he studied integrated Master in Bioengineering (University of Porto, Portugal, 2009-2015).

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Towards an absolute scale for adhesion strength of ship hull microfouling

Dinis Oliveira, Lars Larsson, Lena Granhag
Biofouling. Vol. 35 (2), p. 244-258
Journal article

Performance Values vs. Speed – A Declaration of Independence?

Dinis Oliveira, Lena Granhag, Lars Larsson
Paper in proceedings

Effect of ship hull form on the resistance penalty from biofouling

Dinis Oliveira, Ann I. Larsson, Lena Granhag
Biofouling. Vol. 34 (3), p. 262-272
Journal article

Future Work on Drag and Boundary Layer Properties of Biofouling Collected From Commercial Vessels

Dinis Oliveira, Lena Granhag
1st Hull Performance & Insight Conference (HullPIC), p. 82-95
Conference contribution

Matching Forces Applied in Underwater Hull Cleaning with Adhesion Strength of Marine Organisms

Dinis Oliveira, Lena Granhag
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. Vol. 4 (4), p. 66-
Journal article

Numerical simulation of the transport phenomena in tilted clothing microclimates

Tiago Sotto Mayor, Dinis Oliveira, René Rossi et al
Extreme Physiology & Medicine. Vol. 4(Suppl 1) (A68)
Paper in proceedings

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Completing management options in the Baltic Sea Region to reduce risk of invasive species introduction by shipping COMPLETE

Lena Granhag Maritime Environmental Sciences
Dinis Oliveira Maritime Environmental Sciences


Increased energy efficiency in ships through reduced hull fouling

Lena Granhag Maritime Environmental Sciences
Rickard Bensow Marine Technology
Dinis Soares Reis de Oliveira Maritime Environmental Sciences
Swedish Energy Agency

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