Maria Ekström

Doctoral Student at Quantum Technology

Maria Ekström is employed as a PhD student at the Quantum Technology laboratory. Her main research topic is quantum properties of Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW). In particular, this involves design, fabrication, and measurements of superconducting quantum circuits. Maria has been in the nanotechnology research field since 2010 when she started her bachelor project. Since then she graduated from Chalmers University of Technology with a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics. During her masters studies she also spent a half year as an exchange student at TU Graz in Austria and two months at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA.


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Cavity-free vacuum-Rabi splitting in circuit quantum acoustodynamics

Andreas Josefsson Ask, Maria Ekström, Per Delsing et al
Journal article

Surface acoustic wave unidirectional transducers for quantum applications

Maria Ekström, Thomas Aref, Johan Runeson et al
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 110 (7)
Journal article

Towards measuring quantum sound

Maria Ekström
Licentiate thesis

Phase transition of bismuth telluride thin films grown by MBE

Attila Fülöp, Yuxin Song, Sophie Charpentier et al
Applied Physics Express. Vol. 7 (4), p. Art. no. 045503-
Journal article

Propagating phonons coupled to an artificial atom

Martin Gustafsson, Thomas Aref, Anton Frisk Kockum et al
Science. Vol. 346 (6206), p. 207-211
Journal article

Phase transition of MBE grown Bithmuth Telluride from Bi2T3 to Bi4Te3

A Fülöp, Yuxin Song, Peixiong Shi et al
30the North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy Conference, Banff, Canada, 2013
Paper in proceedings

MBE growth of Bi2Te3 for Thermoelectrics

Yuxin Song, Sophie Charpentier, Attila Fülöp et al
Asia Communications and Photonics Conference, ACP
Paper in proceedings

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