Erik Brynskog

Doctoral Student at Vehicle Safety

Erik Brynskog is a PhD student at the Injury Prevention Group within the Division of Vehicle Safety. Erik’s research is focused on human body computational modelling to enable injury predictions from car crashes. The research is mainly carried out using computer simulations with vehicle and human body models where the models are calibrated and validated towards experimental data. The goal of the research is to produce human body models which can predict the effect of new countermeasures, in terms of saved lives/reduced harm, before the system is on the market.

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Population Variance in Pelvic Response to Lateral Impacts - A Global Sensitivity Analysis

Erik Brynskog, Johan Iraeus, Bengt Pipkorn et al
Conference proceedings International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, IRCOBI. Vol. 2022-September, p. 173-196
Paper in proceeding

Postoperative stability following a triple pelvic osteotomy is affected by implant configuration: a finite element analysis

Henrik Hedelin, Erik Brynskog, Per Larnert et al
Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research. Vol. 17 (1)
Journal article

Predicting pelvis geometry using a morphometric model with overall anthropometric variables

Erik Brynskog, Johan Iraeus, Matthew P. Reed et al
Journal of Biomechanics. Vol. 126
Journal article

Validation of the SAFER Human Body Model Kinematics in Far-Side Impacts

Bengt Pipkorn, Jonas Östh, Erik Brynskog et al
Conference proceedings International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, IRCOBI, p. 444-476
Paper in proceeding

Active Human Body Model Predictions Compared to Volunteer Response in Experiments with Braking, Lane Change, and Combined Manoeuvres

Emma Larsson, Johan Iraeus, Jason Fice et al
Conference proceedings International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, IRCOBI (S1-9), p. 349-369
Paper in proceeding

Effect of Aging on Brain Injury Prediction in Rotational Head Trauma - A Parameter Study with a Rat Finite Element Model

Jacobo Antona, Erik Eliasson, Johan Davidsson et al
Traffic Injury Prevention. Vol. 16, p. S91-S99
Journal article

A Method to Model Anticipatory Postural Control in Driver Braking Events

Jonas Östh, Erik Eliasson, Riender Happee et al
Gait and Posture. Vol. 40 (4), p. 664-669
Journal article

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Enhancing Female and Male SAFER HBM Torso Injury Prediction

Johan Iraeus Vehicle Safety
Johan Davidsson Vehicle Safety
Erik Brynskog Vehicle Safety
Oscar Hallberg Vehicle Safety
FFI - Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation


Pelvis and spine injury predicting models for women and men in a variety of sitting postures in future autonomous cars

Bengt Pipkorn Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2)
Johan Davidsson Injury Prevention
Erik Brynskog Injury Prevention
Lotta Jakobsson Vehicle Safety
Johan Iraeus Injury Prevention
Jonas Östh Vehicle Safety
FFI - Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation

2 publications exist

Future Occupant Safety for Crashes in Cars (OSCCAR)

András Bálint Vehicle Safety
Johan Davidsson Vehicle Safety
Jason Fice Vehicle Safety
Johan Iraeus Vehicle Safety
Hosein Naseri Dynamics
Erik Eliasson Vehicle Safety
European Commission (EC)

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