Hannes Hagmar

Doctoral Student at Electric Power Engineering

Hannes Hagmar is a PhD student at the division of Electric Power Engineering. In his research he develops a new system with the aim to decrease the transmission reliability margins in the transmission grid. This is achieved by using real-time measurements and developing enhanced system protection schemes and visualization of voltage stability limits. The project is conducted in cooperation with Svenska Kraftnät with support from RISE Research Institute of Sweden.

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Voltage Instability Prediction Using a Deep Recurrent Neural Network

Hannes Hagmar, Lang Tong, Robert Eriksson et al
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. Vol. 36 (1), p. 17-27
Journal article

Fast dynamic voltage security marginestimation: concept and development

Hannes Hagmar, Robert Eriksson, Anh Tuan Le
IET Smart Grid. Vol. 3 (4), p. 370-378
Journal article

Integration Aspects of Full Converter Wind Turbines and the Impact on Long-term Voltage Stability

Hannes Hagmar, Anh Tuan Le, Ola Carlson et al
IEEE PES General Meeting
Paper in proceeding

On-line Voltage Instability Prediction using an Artificial Neural Network

Hannes Hagmar, Anh Tuan Le, Ola Carlson et al
2019 IEEE Milan PowerTech, PowerTech 2019
Paper in proceeding

A Survey of Voltage Stability Indicators Based on Local Synchronized Phasor Measurements

Hannes Hagmar, Anh Tuan Le, Ola Carlson et al
2018 North American Power Symposium (NAPS)
Paper in proceeding

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Advanced visualization of voltage stability limit and system protection based on real-time measurement

Anh Tuan Le Electric Power Engineering
Hannes Hagmar Electric Power Engineering
Ola Carlson Electric Power Engineering
Swedish national grid
Swedish Energy Agency

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