Julian Martinsson Bonde

Doctoral Student at Product Development
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A similarity-assisted multi-fidelity approach to conceptual design space exploration

Julian Martinsson Bonde, Michael Kokkolaras, Petter Andersson et al
Computers in Industry (151)
Journal article

Assessment of weld manufacturability of alternative jet engine structural components through digital experiments

Julian Martinsson Bonde, Ola Isaksson, Massimo Panarotto et al
Proceedings of ISABE
Paper in proceeding

Morpheus: The Development and Evaluation of a Software Tool for Morphological Matrices

Julian Martinsson Bonde, Adam Mallalieu, Massimo Panarotto et al
Proceedings of NordDesign 2022: How Product and Manufacturing Design Enable Sustainable Companies and Societies
Paper in proceeding

Multi-domain design assessment for aerospace components including weld accessibility

Ola Isaksson, Timos Kipouros, Julian Martinsson Bonde et al
Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED. Vol. Volume 1 - August 2021, p. 2217-2225
Paper in proceeding

Exploring the Potential of Digital Twin-Driven Design of Aero-Engine Structures

Julian Martinsson Bonde, Massimo Panarotto, Michael Kokkolaras et al
Proceedings of the Design Society. Vol. 1, p. 1521-1528
Paper in proceeding

Automatic geometry alteration when designing for metal additive manufacturing

Julian Martinsson, Olivia Borgue, Massimo Panarotto et al
Proceedings of the NordDesign 2020 Conference, NordDesign 2020
Paper in proceeding

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Development of Interdisciplinary Assessment for manufacturing and deSign (DIAS)

Ola Isaksson Product Development
Julian Martinsson Product Development
Massimo Panarotto Product Development
Arindam Brahma Product Development
European Commission (EC)

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Development of efficient DIgital product FAMily design platform to increase cost efficiency - DIFAM

Ola Isaksson Product Development
Julian Martinsson Product Development
Massimo Panarotto Product Development
GKN Aerospace Sweden

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