Lucien Koopmans

Full Professor at Combustion

Lucien Koopmans is the head of the division of combustion and propulsion systems. He has a background at Volvo Car Corporation where he started in 1996 as an engine test-cell engineer and finished in 2017 as Director of Engine Advanced Engineering. His main goal is to provide knowledge for the development of an affordable sustainable propulsion system: a hybrid electric vehicle with a small battery and a highly efficient internal combustion engine with zero emissions and operating on CO2 neutral fuels.


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Particulate Emissions in a GDI with an Upstream Fuel Source

Sreelekha Etikyala, Lucien Koopmans, Petter Dahlander
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2019-01
Paper in proceedings

Water Injection Benefits in a 3-cylinder Downsized SI Engine

Jayesh Khatri, Ingemar Denbratt, Petter Dahlander et al
SAE International Journal of Advances and Current Practices in Mobility. Vol. 1 (1), p. 236-248
Paper in proceedings

Homogeneous Lean Combustion in a 2lt Gasoline Direct Injected Engine with an Enhanced Turbo Charging System

Kristoffer Clasén, Lucien Koopmans, Daniel Dahl
SAE Technical Papers
Paper in proceedings

Reducing Pressure Fluctuations at High Loads by Means of Charge Stratification in HCCI Combustion with Negative Valve Overlap

Daniel Dahl, Andreas Berntsson, Ingemar Denbratt et al
SAE: Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting, SFL 2009; Florence; Italy; 15 June 2009 through 15 June 2009
Paper in proceedings

An Evaluation of Different Combustion Strategies for SI Engines in a Multi-Mode Combustion Engine

Daniel Dahl, Ingemar Denbratt, Lucien Koopmans
SAE International
Paper in proceedings

Location of the First Auto-Ignition Sites for Two HCCI Systems in a Direct Injection Engine

Lucien Koopmans, Johan Wallesten, Roy Ogink et al
SAE Technical Paper Series, SAE paper 2004-01-0564
Journal article

The Influence of PRF and Commercial Fuels with High Octane Number on the Auto-ignition Timing of an Engine Operated in HCCI Combustion Mode with Negative Valve Overlap

Lucien Koopmans, Elna Strömberg, Ingemar Denbratt
SAE Technical Paper Series, SAE paper 2004-01-1967
Journal article

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