Mudit Chordia

Doctoral Student at Environmental Systems Analysis

Doctoral student the Division of Environmental Systems Analysis, at Department of Technology Management and Economics

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Environmental life cycle implications of upscaling lithium-ion battery production

Mudit Chordia, Anders Nordelöf, Linda Ager-Wick Ellingsen
International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Vol. In press
Journal article

Implementation of the crustal scarcity indicator into life cycle assessment software

Rickard Arvidsson, Mudit Chordia, Sanna Wickerts et al
Report - Environmental Systems Analysis

Comments on “Life cycle assessment of cobalt extraction process” by Farjana et al. [1]

Rickard Arvidsson, Mudit Chordia, Anders Nordelöf
Journal of Sustainable Mining. Vol. 19 (1), p. 19-21
Other text in scientific journal

Methodological Approaches to End-Of-Life Modelling in Life Cycle Assessments of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Anders Nordelöf, Sofia Poulikidou, Mudit Chordia et al
Batteries. Vol. 5 (51), p. 1-15
Review article

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LCA modelling of electric drivetrain components

Anne-Marie Tillman Environmental Systems Analysis
Mudit Chordia Environmental Systems Analysis
Anders Nordelöf Environmental Systems Analysis
Maria Ljunggren Söderman Environmental Systems Analysis

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