Johan Rootzén

Visiting Researcher at Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology

Johan Rootzén's research focuses on CO2 emission reduction strategies in EU's carbon-intensive industry.


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A just transition towards a coal-free steel industry: perspectives from labour

Valentin Vogl, Johan Rootzén, Oscar Svensson
Paper in proceedings

Deployment of BECCS in basic industry - a Swedish case study

Jan Kjärstad, Johan Rootzén, Filip Johnsson et al
Paper in proceedings

The threat to climate change mitigation posed by the abundance of fossil fuels

Filip Johnsson, Jan Kjärstad, Johan Rootzén
Climate Policy. Vol. 19 (2), p. 258-274
Journal article

Technologies and policies for GHG emission reductions along the supply chains for the Swedish construction industry

Johan Rootzén, Filip Johnsson
Proceedings of ECEEE 2017 Summer Study
Paper in proceedings

Industry’s Electrification and Role in the Future Electricity System

Magnus Brolin, Johan Rootzén, Jesse Fahnestock

Paying the full price of steel – Perspectives on the cost of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the steel industry

Johan Rootzén, Filip Johnsson
Energy Policy. Vol. 98 (SI), p. 459-469
Journal article

Managing the costs of CO2 abatement in the cement industry

Johan Rootzén, Filip Johnsson
Climate Policy. Vol. 17 (6), p. 781-800
Journal article

CO2 emissions abatement in the Nordic carbon-intensive industry – an end-game in sight?

Johan Rootzén, Filip Johnsson
Energy. Vol. 80, p. 715-730
Journal article

Exploring the limits for CO2 emission abatement in the EU power and industry sectors—Awaiting a breakthrough

Johan Rootzén, Filip Johnsson
Energy Policy. Vol. 59, p. 443-458
Journal article

Deployment of CCS in industrial applications in the EU – timing, scope and coordination

Johan Rootzén, Filip Johnsson
Energy Procedia. Vol. 37, p. 7186-7198
Paper in proceedings

Assessment of strategies for CO2 abatement in the European petroleum refining industry

Daniella Johansson, Johan Rootzén, Thore Berntsson et al
Energy. Vol. 42 (1), p. 375-386
Journal article

Prospects for CO2 capture in European industry

Johan Rootzén, Jan Kjärstad, Filip Johnsson
Management of Environmental Quality. Vol. 22 (1), p. 18-32
Journal article

Establishing an integrated CCS transport infrastructure in northern Europe - Challenges and possibilities

Jan Kjärstad, Ricky Ramdani, Pedro Martí Gómez-Aldaraví et al
Energy Procedia. Vol. 4, p. 2417-2424
Paper in proceedings

Strategies for CO2 abatement in the European petroleum refining industry

Daniella Johansson, Johan Rootzén
EUROPEAN ENERGY PATHWAYS - Pathways to a Sustainable European Energy System, p. 335-340
Book chapter

Carbon Sequestration Versus Bioenergy: A Case Study From South India Exploring The Relative Land Use Efficiency Of Two Options For Climate Change Mitigation

Johan Rootzén, Göran Berndes, N. H. Ravindranath et al
Biomass and Bioenergy. Vol. 34 (1), p. 116-123
Journal article

Pathways to sustainable European energy systems - An assessment of the role of large stationary CO2 emission sources

Johan Rootzén, Filip Johnsson
Climate Change: Global risks, Challanges & Decisions, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-12 March, 2009.
Conference poster

Assessment of the potential for CO2 capture in European heavy industries

Johan Rootzén, Jan Kjärstad, Filip Johnsson
Proceedings of the 5th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 29 - October 3 2009
Paper in proceedings

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