Sanjay Somanath

Doctoral Student at Building Technology

Sanjay Somanath is a PhD student in the Department of Architecture and Civil engineering. The focus of his research is Social sustainability in neighbourhoods, specialising in computational design methods and GIS. The goal of the research is to create a framework to analyse social sustainability in the built environment through digital tools.
Social sustainability is often considered and underdeveloped and under-theorised subject. One of the main reasons cited for this to be the case is a lack of tools and methods to extract and compare data regarding the social sphere. This research currently deals with data management and processing techniques to allow architects, planners and policymakers to explore and make meaningful inferences from this data within a digital design environment and integrate it into their existing workflows.
Sanjay earned his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from BMSCE Bangalore, India and a master’s degree in Digital Architecture and Tectonics from the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK. He has previously worked in Qatar as an architect and in the UK as a computational designer, optimising digital design and manufacturing workflows through an Innovate UK KTP. Sanjay is also the recipient of a Santander fellowship project that explored reducing thermal heat gain in greenhouses. Sanjay has also conducted workshops on parametric design in the UK, Egypt and India.

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Towards digitalisation of urban social sustainability

Sanjay Somanath
Licentiate thesis

A user interaction model for digital tools to support socially sustainable neighbourhood planning

Sanjay Somanath, Alexander Hollberg, Liane Thuvander
Proceedings for CUPUM 2021 - 17th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management
Paper in proceeding

Towards digitalisation of socially sustainable neighbourhood design

Sanjay Somanath, Alexander Hollberg, Liane Thuvander
Local Environment. Vol. 26 (6), p. 770-789
Journal article

MiljöVis: Effektiv representation av miljödata i digitala modeller

Beata Stahre Wästberg, Monica Billger, Liane Thuvander et al
Report - The Swedish Transport Administration

AI-baserad segementering av fasader för att optimera renovering i en större skala

Sanjay Somanath, Yinan Yu, Nils Nordmark et al
Bygg och teknik. Vol. 2021 (2), p. 26-29
Magazine article

The relation between social life cycle assessment and green building certification systems

Sanjay Somanath, Alexander Hollberg, Sjouke Beemsterboer et al
Conference poster

Towards digitisation of socially sustainable neighbourhood design

Sanjay Somanath, Alexander Hollberg, Liane Thuvander
Other conference contribution

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Climate adapted equal Gothenburg: The digital twin as a meeting place for discussion and co-creation

Monica Billger Architectural theory and methods
Sanjay Somanath Building Technology
Beata Stahre Wästberg Interaction design
Malgorzata Zboinska Architectural theory and methods
Urban Futures - Centre for Sustainable Urban Futures


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Fredrik Nilsson Architecture and Civil Engineering
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Jonas Runberger Architectural theory and methods

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