Federico Tonini

Researcher at Communication, Antennas and Optical Networks

Federico Tonini is a post-doctoral researcher in the Optical Networks Unit, focusing on optical network design and optimization for 5G and beyond. The aim of his research is to define intelligent strategies for the allocation of network slices, also considering survivability against failures. The effectiveness of the developed strategies will be tested using existing open-source frameworks for network slicing.

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Techno-economics of 5G transport deployments

Maryam Lashgari, Federico Tonini, Massimiliano Capacchione et al
Paper in proceeding

Benefits of Pod dimensioning with best-effort resources in bare metal cloud native deployments

Federico Tonini, Carlos Natalino Da Silva, Dagnachew Temesgene et al
IEEE Networking Letters
Journal article

Reliable Slicing in Optical Metro Networks with Reconfigurable Backup Resources

Carla Raffaelli, Elisabetta Amato, Paolo Monti et al
2022 13th International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing, CSNDSP 2022, p. 863-866
Paper in proceeding

Optimization over time of reliable 5G-RAN with network function migrations

Nicola Di Cicco, Federico Tonini, Valentina Cacchiani et al
Computer Networks. Vol. 215
Journal article

Fiber- vs. Microwave-based 5G Transport: a Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Maryam Lashgari, Federico Tonini, Massimiliano Capacchione et al
European Conference on Optical Communication, ECOC
Paper in proceeding

A Resource Sharing Method for Reliable Slice as a Service Provisioning in 5G Metro Networks

Elisabetta Amato, Federico Tonini, Carla Raffaelli et al
2021 25th Conference On Optical Network Design And Modelling, ONDM 2021, p. 1-3
Paper in proceeding

Network Slicing

Carla Raffaelli, Paolo Monti, Federico Tonini
Network Programmability: a (r)evolutionary approach
Book chapter

From IoT to Cloud: Applications and Performance of the MQTT Protocol

Davide Borsatti, Walter Cerroni, Federico Tonini et al
International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks. Vol. 2020-July, p. 1-4
Paper in proceeding

Network Slicing Automation: Challenges and Benefits

Federico Tonini, Carlos Natalino Da Silva, Marija Furdek Prekratic et al
2020 24th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling, ONDM 2020
Paper in proceeding

Differentiated protection in 5G vehicular networks

Elisabetta Amato, Federico Tonini, Carla Raffaelli
2020 AEIT International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive, AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2020
Paper in proceeding

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Automation of Network edge Infrastructure & Applications with aRtificiAl intelligence, ANIARA

Paolo Monti Optical Networks
Federico Tonini Optical Networks
Carlos Natalino Da Silva Optical Networks
Lena Wosinska Optical Networks

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