Joosef Leppänen

Universitetslektor at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

Joosef Leppänen is Senior Lecturer at the Division of Structural Engineering, researchgroup Concrete Structures, since 2012. He teaches in courses for Master of Science and for BSc in Structural Engineering in concrete structures, steel- and timber structures. In his research Joosef focus on concrete structures subjected to explosive loading. The aim is to increase the common knowledge and spread it out to the society.




Blast and Fragment Impacts: Pre-study of strengthening of structures subjected to impulse loading

Mario Plos Structural Engineering
Morgan Johansson Structural Engineering
Joosef Leppänen Structural Engineering
Kent Gylltoft Structural Engineering
Jonas Ekström Structural Engineering
Rasmus Rempling Structural Engineering
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

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Review of research on strengthened concrete structures subjected to impulse and blast loading

Rasmus Rempling, Joosef Leppänen, Mario Plos et al

MSB:s dokumentserie för beräkning av impulsbelastade konstruktioner

Morgan Johansson, Joosef Leppänen, Björn Ekengren et al

Beräkningsanvisningar för strukturell dynamisk respons vid explosionsbelastning

Morgan Johansson, Björn Ekengren, L. Laine et al
Bygg & Teknik . Vol. 2012 (7), p. 36-41
Journal article - popular science

Stötvågs- och splitterbelastade betongkonstruktioner

Ulrika Nyström, Björn Ekengren, Kent Gylltoft et al
Bygg&Teknik . Vol. 08 (7), p. 46-49
Journal article - popular science

Concrete subjected to projectile and fragment impacts: Modelling of crack softening and strain rate dependency in tension

Joosef Leppänen,
International Journal of Impact Engineering. Vol. 32 (11), p. 1828-1841
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Numerical Studies of Projectile Impacts on Reinforced Concrete

Ulrika Nyström, Joosef Leppänen,
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Design and Analysis of Protective Structures 2006, 13-15 November 2006, Singapore / Fan S. C., Chua H. K., p. 310-319
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Experiments and numerical analyses of blast and fragment impacts on concrete.

Joosef Leppänen,
International Journal of Impact Engineering . Vol. 31 (7), p. 843-860
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Concrete Structures Subjected to Fragment Impacts

Joosef Leppänen,
Doctoral thesis

Fragment impacts into concrete

Joosef Leppänen,
Eighth International Conference on Structures Under Shock and Impact, Crete, Greece, March 2004. , p. 63-71
Conference paper - non peer reviewed