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Iron Supplements Containing Lactobacillus plantarum 299v Increase Ferric Iron and Up-regulate the Ferric Reductase DCYTB in Human Caco-2/HT29 MTX Co-Cultures

Ann-Sofie Sandberg, Gunilla Önning, Niklas Engström et al
Nutrients. Vol. 10 (Issue 12)
Journal article

Towards Celiac-safe foods: Decreasing the affinity of transglutaminase 2 for gliadin by addition of ascorbyl palmitate and ZnCl2 as detoxifiers

Niklas Engström, Patricia Saenz-Mendez, Johan Scheers et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 7 (77)
Journal article

Sourdough fermentation of wheat flour does not prevent the interaction of transglutaminase 2 with α2-gliadin or gluten.

Niklas Engström, Ann-Sofie Sandberg, Nathalie Scheers
Nutrients. Vol. 7 (4), p. 2134 - 2144
Journal article

Cellular response in fresh water microalgae to polluting compounds of flue gas when used as carbon source

Eva Albers, Susanne Ekendahl, Mathias Bark et al
15th Workshop of International Study Group for Systems Biology (ISGSB), September 25-28, Ameland, The Netherlands
Conference poster

Influence of flue gas mimicking effluents of paper mills on growth and cellular composition of fresh water species of microalgae

Eva Albers, Susanne Ekendahl, Mathias Bark et al
9th European Workshop on Biotechnology of Microalgae, 4-5 June, Nuthetal, Germany
Conference poster

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