Anna Braide

Lecturer at Building Design

Anna is an architect, educated at Chalmers 1990-96. 1997-2012 Anna has worked as a practicing architect. She has worked with housing, libraries, offices and workspaces. Anna has also been engaged as a tutor at various degrees at Chalmers architecture since 1997.Anna is now an artistic lecturer and a PhD-student. She lectures in candidate and masters courses with a focus on housing and also guides students with thesis papers. Her PhD work is part of her research project Positive Footprint Housing, a co-operation between Riksbyggen, Chalmers, Gothenburg University and Johanneberg Science Park. The project focuses on sustainable building for an urban, future living. The PhD work focuses on flexible building and social sustainability, and is conducted through research on design and investigative sketching by students at architecture.


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Explorations on Residential Resilience—brf Viva 2011-2019

Sten Gromark, Björn Andersson, Anna Braide
Enabling the City: Inter and Transdisciplinary Encounters; EU COST publication; edited by Josefine Fokdal, Liis Ojamäe, Olivia Bina, Prue Chiles and Katrin Paadam, p. 90-110
Book chapter

Bostadsforskare om Bostadskvalitet

Ola Nylander, Paula Femenias, Morgan Andersson et al

Debatt – Hög tid för socialt bostadsbyggande.

Anna Braide, Inga Malmqvist, Jan Paulsson et al
Tidskriften Plan - Planering av stad och land. (2017/4), p. 46-47
Magazine article

Residential design affecting dimensions of equity

Anna Braide
The book of proceedings of SUSTAINABLE HOUSING 2016 - International Conference on Sustainable Housing Planning, Management and Usability (e-Book)
Paper in proceedings

Residential design implementing social sustainability: Towards a paradigm shift within design thinking?

Anna Braide
The Future of Open Building Conference. ETH Zürch 9-11 September 2015
Paper in proceedings

Utvärdering av stadsdelen Aranäs i Kungsbacka

Ola Nylander, Anna Braide

Explorations of Extremes to unfold Prospects of the Unknown: Visions of Residential Futures - Integrative Ways of Residing

Sten Gromark, Anna Braide
CONDITIONS magazine (8), p. 54-55
Magazine article

Nya svenskar - så använder vi våra bostäder

Ola Nylander, Anna Braide

Så använder vi våra bostäder

Ola Nylander, Anna Braide

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Innovative local dwelling development - design developer competitions as professional laboratory

Christian Koch Construction Management
Anna Braide Building Design
Stefan Gottlieb Construction Management
Magnus Rönn Building Design


The adaptable apartment, design strategies for increased dimensions of social sustainability in dwelling situations

Ola Nylander Building Design
Anna Braide Building Design


Strengthening Architecture and Built Environment Research - SABRE

Fredrik Nilsson Architectural theory and methods
Göran Lindahl Building Design
Anna Braide Building Design
Johanna Eriksson Building Design
Marie Strid Building Design
European Commission (EC)


Integrative Ways of Residing: Health and Quality of Residence Architectural Inventions for Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcaring AIDAH

Sten Gromark Building Design
Hanna Morichetto Building Design
Roger Ulrich Building Design
Marie Strid Building Design
Elizabeth Marcheschi Building Design
Ola Nylander Building Design
Saga Karlsson Building Design
Charlotta Thodelius Building Design
Elke Miedema Building Design
Maria Berezecka Mårtensson Building Design
Peter Fröst Building Design
Inga Malmqvist Building Design
Anna Braide Building Design
Cecilia Pettersson Building Design
Göran Lindahl Construction Management

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