Hannes Helmholz

Doctoral Student at Applied Acoustics

Hannes Helmholz is a doctoral student at the Division of Applied Acoustics and part of the Audio Technology Group.

His research focuses on making established processing methods for audio signals accessible for real-time applications. This contains the reproduction of signals from spherical microphone arrays in particular over headphones. Perceptual influences on the quality of the spatial reproduction will be evaluated in multiple user studies. The achievements will eventually enable a new level of audio recording and reproduction for academia, industry and end users alike.

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Perceptual Evaluation of Mitigation Approaches of Impairments due to Spatial Undersampling in Binaural Rendering of Spherical Microphone Array Data

Tim Lübeck, Hannes Helmholz, Johannes Arend et al
AES: Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. Vol. 68 (6), p. 428-440
Journal article

Evaluation of Sensor Self-Noise in Binaural Rendering of Spherical Microphone Array Signals

Hannes Helmholz, Jens Ahrens, David Lou Alon et al
ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings, p. 161-165
Paper in proceedings

Comparison of Mitigation Approaches of Spatial Undersampling Artifacts in Spherical Microphone Array Data Auralizations

Tim Lübeck, Johannes Arend, Hannes Helmholz et al
Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2020
Paper in proceedings

Updates on the Real-Time Spherical Array Renderer (ReTiSAR)

Hannes Helmholz, Tim Lübeck, Jens Ahrens et al
Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2020, p. 1169-1172
Paper in proceedings

Real-Time Implementation of Binaural Rendering of High-Order Spherical Microphone Array Signals

Hannes Helmholz, Carl Andersson, Jens Ahrens
Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2019
Paper in proceedings

Authentic Auralization of Acoustic Spaces Based on Spherical Microphone Array Recordings

Jens Ahrens, Hannes Helmholz, Carl Andersson
Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics. Vol. 40 (3), p. 303-310
Paper in proceedings

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Binaural Rendering of Spherical Microphone Array Data

Jens Ahrens Applied Acoustics
Hannes Helmholz Applied Acoustics
Oculus Inc.

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