Rebecka Jörnsten

Senior Lecturer at Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Rebecka Jörnsten is a Professor in mathematical statistics. Her research interests include model selection, clustering and data integration in systems biology. She is active in several collaborative projects. Together with the Nelander lab, SciLife, Uppsala University, she develops large-scale network models for human cancer. She is also working with scientists at Sahlgrenska academy, Centre for brain repair, investigating how music can be used for rehabilitation and therapy.For more information, please visit


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TargetTranslator: Big data identifies non-canonical targets for high risk neuroblastoma

Elin Almstedt, Caroline Warn, Ramy Elgendy et al
Conference contribution

Digital twins to personalize medicine

Bergthor Bjornsson, Carl Borrebaeck, Nils Elander et al
Genome Medicine. Vol. 12 (1)
Journal article

Dose-response relationships of the sigmoid for urgency syndrome after gynecological radiotherapy

Eleftheria Alevronta, Viktor Skokic, Ulrica Wilderäng et al
Acta Oncologica. Vol. 57 (10), p. 1352-1358
Journal article

LASSIM-A network inference toolbox for genome-wide mechanistic modeling

R Magnusson, G. P. Mariotti, M. Kopsen et al
PLoS Computational Biology. Vol. 13 (6), p. Article no. e1005608 -
Journal article

Late radiation-induced bowel syndromes, tobacco smoking, age at treatment and time since treatment–gynecological cancer survivors

Gunnar Steineck, Fei Sjöberg, Viktor Skokic et al
Acta Oncologica. Vol. 56 (5), p. 682-691
Journal article

Identifying radiation-induced survivorship syndromes affecting bowel health in a cohort of gynecological cancer survivors

Gunnar Steineck, Viktor Skokic, Fei Sjöberg et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 12 (2), p. Article no e0171461-
Journal article

Integrative Modeling Reveals Annexin A2-mediated Epigenetic Control of Mesenchymal Glioblastoma

Teresia Kling, Roberto Ferrarese, Darren Ó hAilín et al
EBioMedicine. Vol. 12, p. 72-85
Journal article

Efficient exploration of pan-cancer networks by generalized covariance selection and interactive web content

Teresia Kling, P. Johansson, José Sánchez et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 43 (15), p. Article e98-
Journal article

Efficient exploration of multi-cancer networks by generalized covariance selection and interactive web content

T. Kling, P. Johansson, José Sánchez et al
Cancer Research. Vol. 75 (22), p. B-2 (abstract)
Conference contribution

DNA Methylation Changes Separate Allergic Patients from Healthy Controls and May Reflect Altered CD4⁺ T-Cell Population Structure

C.E. Nestor, Fredrik Barrenäs, Hui Wang et al
PLoS Genetics. Vol. 10 (1)
Journal article

The cancer genome atlas pan-cancer analysis project

J. N. Weinstein, E. A. Collisson, G. B. Mills et al
Nature Genetics. Vol. 45 (10), p. 1113-1120
Journal article

Erratum: Music structure determines heart rate variability of singers.

Björn Vickhoff, Helge Malmgren, Rickard Aström et al
Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 4, p. 599-
Magazine article

Music structure determines heart rate variability of singers

Björn Vickhoff, Helge Malmgren, Rickard Åström et al
Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 4 (JUL), p. Art. no. 334-
Journal article

Searching for Synergies: Matrix Algebraic Approaches for Efficient Pair Screening

Philip Gerlee, Linnéa Schmidt, Naser Monsefi et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 8 (7), p. Art. no. e68598-
Journal article

Chronological Changes in MicroRNA Expression in the Developing Human Brain

M. Moreau, S. Bruse, Rebecka Jörnsten et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 8 (4), p. artikel nr e60480-
Journal article

System-scale network modeling of cancer using EPoC

Tobias Abenius, Rebecka Jörnsten, Teresia Kling et al
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. Vol. 736 (5), p. 617-643
Journal article

Highly interconnected genes in disease-specific networks are enriched for disease-associated polymorphisms

Fredrik Barrenäs, Sreenivas Chavali, Alexessander Couto Alves et al
Genome Biology. Vol. 13 (6), p. R46-
Journal article

Transcriptional and metabolic data integration and modeling for identification of active pathways

Alexandra Jauhiainen, Olle Nerman, G. Michailidis et al
Biostatistics. Vol. 13 (4), p. 748-761
Journal article

A 6-gene signature identifies four molecular subgroups of neuroblastoma

Frida Abel, Daniel Dalevi, Maria Nethander et al
Cancer Cell International. Vol. 11 (9)
Journal article

Network modeling of the transcriptional effects of copy number aberrations in glioblastoma

Rebecka Jörnsten, Tobias Abenius, Teresia Kling et al
Molecular Systems Biology. Vol. 7, p. 486-
Journal article

Color preference, seasonality, spatial distribution and species composition of thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in northern highbush blueberries

C.R. Rodriguez-Saona, S. Polayarapu, J.D. Barry et al
Crop Protection. Vol. 29 (11), p. 1331-1340
Journal article

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Robustly and Optimaly Controlled Training Of neural Networks (OCTON)

Viktor Andersson Automatic Control
Balázs Adam Kulcsár Automatic Control
Rebecka Jörnsten Applied Mathematics and Statistics


Stochastics for big data and big systems - bridging local and global

Holger Rootzen Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Bernt Wennberg Mathematical Sciences
Rebecka Jörnsten Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Igor Rychlik Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Sergey Zuev Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Johan Jonasson Analysis and Probability Theory
Johan Wästlund Analysis and Probability Theory
Jeffrey Steif Analysis and Probability Theory
Olle Häggström Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Robert Berman Algebra and geometry
Aila Särkkä Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

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