Ezra Haaf

Postdoc at GeoEngineering

Ezra is a postdoc at the division for Geology and Geotechnics within the research group Engineering Geology. His research focuses on development of data-driven and numerical methods for efficient and risk-based modelling in hydrogeology and engineering geology. The aim is sustainable management of groundwater-related issues on regional and local scales. Main research questions are for example (i) predictions in data scarcity regions for regional groundwater management, and (ii) analysis and attribution of groundwater impacts in infrastructure projects.

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Systematic visual analysis of groundwater hydrographs: potential benefits and challenges

Roland Barthel, Ezra Haaf, Michelle Nygren et al
Hydrogeology Journal. Vol. 30 (2), p. 359-378
Journal article

Similarity-based approaches in hydrogeology: proposal of a new concept for data-scarce groundwater resource characterization and prediction

Barthel Roland, Ezra Haaf, Markus Giese et al
Hydrogeology Journal. Vol. 29 (5), p. 1693-1709
Journal article

Changes in seasonality of groundwater level fluctuations in a temperate-cold climate transition zone

Michelle Nygren, Markus Giese, Björn Klöve et al
Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 8
Journal article

Physiographic and climatic controls on regional groundwater dynamics

Ezra Haaf, Markus Giese, Benedikt Heudorfer et al
Water Resources Research. Vol. 56 (10)
Journal article

Comparative hydrogeology – reference analysis of groundwater dynamics from neighbouring observation wells

Markus Giese, Ezra Haaf, Benedikt Heudorfer et al
Hydrological Sciences Journal. Vol. 65 (10), p. 1685-1706
Journal article

Risk Mapping of Groundwater-Drawdown-Induced Land Subsidence in Heterogeneous Soils on Large Areas

Jonas Sundell, Ezra Haaf, Tommy Norberg et al
Risk Analysis. Vol. 39 (1), p. 105-124
Journal article

Economic valuation of hydrogeological information when managing groundwater drawdown

Jonas Sundell, Tommy Norberg, Ezra Haaf et al
Hydrogeology Journal. Vol. 27 (4), p. 1111-1130
Journal article

Comprehensive risk assessment of groundwater drawdown induced subsidence

Jonas Sundell, Ezra Haaf, Johannes Tornborg et al
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment. Vol. 33 (2), p. 427-449
Journal article

Index‐Based Characterization and Quantification of Groundwater Dynamics

Benedikt Heudorfer, Ezra Haaf, Kerstin Stahl et al
Water Resources Research. Vol. 55, p. 5575-5592
Journal article

An inter-comparison of similarity-based methods for organisation and classification of groundwater hydrographs

Ezra Haaf, Barthel Roland
Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 559, p. 222-237
Journal article

A probabilistic approach to soil layer and bedrock-level modelling for risk assessment of groundwater drawdown induced land subsidence

Jonas Sundell, Lars Rosen, Tommy Norberg et al
Engineering Geology. Vol. 203, p. 126-139
Journal article

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Groundwater levels of boreholes in bedrock vs modeling results

Ezra Haaf GeoEngineering
Lars O Ericsson GeoEngineering
BeFo - Rock engineering research foundation


Modellering av tidsberoende grundvattensänkning, markdeformationer och dess skaderisker

Ezra Haaf GeoEngineering
Minna Karstunen GeoEngineering
Ayman Abed GeoEngineering
Mats Karlsson GeoEngineering
Lars Rosen GeoEngineering
Pierre Wikby GeoEngineering
Jonas Sundell GeoEngineering
Swedish Transport Administration


When, where, how? - Identifying causes of hydrogeological impacts in underground constructions

Lars Rosen GeoEngineering
Jonas Sundell GeoEngineering
Ezra Haaf GeoEngineering
Swedish Transport Administration

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